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Re: Destiny/Karma/Fate/Nodes/Sun&Pluto...

I thought that the vertex had to have part of your feelings because you posted:
I feel more in tune with my higher self. It's also as if his energy has helped me regenerate, he has played a huge role in my well being.

the moon is conjunct to the vertex and Venus is square the vertex.
the vertex bring an energy that is both vital and "supernatural". often with a vertex flow occurring the partners feel a since of destiny at work because other worldly feelings and experiences have happen to both of you. these unusual occurrences are so singular that one doubts anyone else could understand these effects. but both of you have had experiences, different, but the same in the way they opened you up .this similarity is part of the sense of destiny between you.
here emotional love and attraction is the channel that these higher similarities are instructing you.

but I have to caution you again.vertex energy is very difficult to integrate in a "normal" relationship. that is the energy that vertex promise do not always fit in with one's earth destiny. here I mean the extreme sexual/emotional attraction might not lead to a consolidation of the relationship. sometimes the magic of the vertex can not be put in a bottle.

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