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Re: Very curious for insightócar accident/ Tbi.


I was looking at your chart for quite some time with transits.

For accidents i always look at the 3rd house and look for uranus/mars hard aspects. While i didnt find an aspect in the natal chart that i could associate an accident with; Aries does rule the head/face. In your chart aries rules the 4th house cusp. Since aries is also found in the 3rd though and mars -ruler of aries is in gemini(which rules transportation and the 3rd house. I feel that is the link. Uranus was transiting the very last degree of your 3rd house in aries at the time of the accident. The last degree and 1st of houses are usually the most potent and can cause events.
I wonder about how the 5th house ties into your accident. Were you hit by a drunk driver? Or were you driving somewhere to do something fun?

Wishing you healing and a great recovery.
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