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Very curious for insightócar accident/ Tbi.

I would call myself a bit of an Even Steven. Or I try to remind myself to be one. ( I sometimes have anxiety tho).

In the last few months Iíve been rethinking this odd thing in my life line (the line on my hand) and this car accident/brain injury (fall 2017) I am still recovering from.

Iíve tried to figure out how to attach a chart to see if anyone can see anything that might be about a big period of change in my chart. Iíve read the directions but Iím on a phone and Iím just going to have to let it go since sometimes thatís what life is now, explaining I canít do some things and hope someone can spare a few extra minutes to help me sort of be included.

Like if you donít mind inputting it somewhere so you can analyze it iíd really appreciate it. These are my details.
My birthdate is August 2 1977.
6:10 pm.
Portland Oregon USA .

If thereís anything in there that you see that might be relevant to a big change and/ or if thereís anything else maybe timewise (horary?) that would be much appreciated as well. The date of my accident was 9/13/2017.
Thank you

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