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Re: which script chinese follow in astrology?

There are so many prediction techniques in China. The most popular one is Bazi which means eight words.
But in some degree, Bazi is not a traditional astrology like Indian astrology or other ancient astrology. Because Chinese do not use real stars' moving trajectory in Bazi. Chinese designed a unique way to describe a specific time(year/month/day/hour) which does not involve specific numbers or dates.
For example, now is 2019(Y) 2(M) 2(D) 18:00 . If I use that Chinese way to describe the time, it would be WuXu JiChou GengWu DingYou. You can see there are eight words. If you want to predict the fate of people born at this time, you would analyze the relationship between these eight words. This is a very abstract process involving a lot of traditional Chinese culture and theories. So many books talked about Bazi, but most of them are Chinese such as <Zi Ping Zheng Quan> and <Yuan Hai Zi Ping>.
However, there are still some Chinese astrologies like Indian astrology. Qizhengsiyu is an example which is very similar to Indian astrology. They have similar theories and methods. Related books:<Guo Lao Xing Zong> <Xing Xue Da Cheng>

In terms of accuracy, I have to say Bazi is very very accurate! My mother met a fortune-teller who can know I have a small scar on my mouth through my Bazi! I was not there!

Qizhengsiyu is not very popular because some theories and methods have been lost, but nowadays more and more people try to study it.
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