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Re: Mars conjunct Jupiter: Too idealistic?

First step: personal theory

Being idealistic and fighting for your beliefs is not something inherently bad and it's a great trait to have, unless you live in a place where personal freedom or freedom of expression is prohibited/limited. Even there of course it's a great thing to have if you can manifest it. It will probably be perceived as unfortunate for you if it ends up in a bad way, yet fortunate for others to come who will take you as an inspiration or example.

The thing with a well or positively aspected 12th House is it goes beyond the "veil" and I would only call idealism bad when it's wasted or misdirected into creating more confusion or "evil".

If people call you idealistic because you aim high, morally speaking or even job-wise, you should instead be proud of yourself, because there is a difference between "calling someone something" and actually providing a constructive answer. When someone says something mean or not necessarily to another person, but they have no idea why, can't explain it, or cannot provide any constructive suggestion ("You are too idealistic" You: "Ok, what do you suggest then?" Person: *Shrugs, or comes up with a bad idea* You: *explain clearly how their idea would not work because you tried it already or because xyz and then the person just leaves it/gives up*) then you know they are speaking not their mind but about a broader conception that they just tapped into but don't necessarily share. It's pretty logical if you think about it.

It is a type of miscategorisation and misdirected resistance because through calling someone an idealist in a negative way, people actually want to express "ungroundedness" or "not being practical, not seeing all the necessary steps, not taking risks into account". All these are elements that have to eventually fall in place in the mind of the "idealist" person, but no one ever learned them by reading books, everyone first had to go through them in their own ways. Everyone only learns with time and real life experiences. Some less some more, and this is where other people step in. If they provided you the necessary feedback to shape or help out your idealism then it suddenly wouldn't be intangible anymore.

Idealism is also a driving energy towards a target you intuitively/instinctively feel equipped to achieve. It would be a shame to extinguish that, but it has to be modeled by the real world, and one has to distinguish the good from the bad, lies from truth (because of underlying motives, that again, might be good for the person and a nuisance to you, everything is relative) and so on.

Your chart

Now this is where astrology can step in, to try and see in what ways these could take shape in your context and why you could have come across the thought of "I am too idealistic" more than others, and naturally, what can be learned from that.

That being said, a great dose of "idealism" can faster be attributed to your Moon in Aquarius in the second house. Aquarian ideals about acquiring "wealth" and money might come across as less grounded to some people, or different from the traditional. Moon and Aqua both to the 2nd House can indicate the need to practice more self-control and less dependency on someone else's point of view to acquire or keep/save money. Perhaps you are too disinterested in matters associated to this house? (possessions, material belongings, money, spending). There is also the possibility of being dependent on your mother in some way or another, both financially and emotionally.

However, you seem to be a warm, maternal, soft spoken and balanced person, with quite an inner life that is possibly looking for more self-expression. You are interested in humanitarian causes. Your job/profession might be for "the greater good".

The other possibility, different from the above one, is that maybe you are rebellious, because you did not find the balance or expression you were looking for in your environment. So maybe Mars conjunct Jupiter in Saggi and aquarius moon actually makes you off the beat and different, more "edgy"?

Mercury cutting planet would indicate you can be rash in speaking, but with Saturn in the 3rd as final dispositor, you might actually be not speaking as much as you are thinking (also effect of Sun in Scorpio squaring Moon), and keeping many things for yourself that later get reflected in your attitude, in how you approach others, how you dress, etc. Uranus Neptune in the first indicates that, and also a higher degree of perceptiveness "felt" by the venus in watery scorpio.

Do you find that to be true?

MC in Libra seeks to move away from conflict and be more balanced, have healthy interpersonal relationships. Maybe you were involved in more conflicts with friends or family when you were younger (you still are young, and what am i saying, I am also 22), and now you are looking for balance, both Chiron and North Node are in Libra, so possibly whatever is related to it must be healed (communication and balance at job -Merc Nn Sun 10th, coming from an empowered self once the emotional conflict is solved? (sun square moon). Maybe you can use your own experiences to help others, or travel, or interact with people from foreign places or involved in religious/spiritual matters (posting on this site counts! lol)

Have you been called an idealist in a negative way?

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