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Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Your job should be H10. Your situation is very volatile. Significators are in mutable signs, angles in cardinal signs. But I don't see you getting fired right now, significators are not changing signs plus L10 exalting L1 - your company thinks highly of you. If we take the CEO as H7 (10th from 10th) then L7 in triplicity of L1 which means he likes you a lot. Also, what L1 (you) and L7 (CEO) have in common is that they don't like Jupiter (L6). Do you have staff/subordinates? Where does this harasser belong in terms of hierarchy? Jupiter could be that harasser (peregrine and retrograde which means powerless and probably bad intentions plus in detriment of L1, i.e. doesn't like you; but in own sign of L7 and triplicity of L7, i.e. adores the CEO). However, L7 is going to change signs soon, which means he'll stop exalting you.
Thanks for your reading. It's been over a week since the incident and meeting with the President, and nothing has happened. I've seen the CEO and President, and they both just act like nothing happened. I'm going to follow up with the president tomorrow on if I can work part time in July. I'll update if I get to keep my job by the end of the month... lol
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