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Re: Should I study THIS as my undergrad?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
With all due respect to horary, I think your natal chart might give you a clearer answer.

That moon-Saturn in the 2nd house makes me wonder if your primary consideration is financial, vs. what you love or would be really good at. The moon is in detriment, so you're feeling weakened.

The sun rules the 9th house of higher education. Although it applies to a nice trine with Jupiter (you,) Jupiter is retrograde, out-of-sect, and in the 12th house. Possibly the program you were thinking of applying to isn't an ideal match with your needs and interests.

Having said that, many careers are helped by a good grounding in CS.

What does your natal chart suggest about your vocation?
It is true that I am considering the financial side of an undergraduate degree vs what I would love or be really good at particularily because I currently have a decent paying job that many graduates out of university start at, or may even make less than what I do. However, though I have experience in my field, I lack the education so it makes it difficult for me to be competitive in a growing job market.

Additionally, I feel like I want a career change. I am in administration/marketing/sales, and I find it to be very dull. I'm also a single mom, so going back to school is a huge risk, and I would want it to be worth the investment in the long-run. As for going to school for what I enjoy or what I am good at, well... I find interest in many different fields and I can't narrow it down to a specific one. I have always been interested in computers, teaching myself about HTML codes in grade school to customize my own personal website before MySpace or Facebook was around. So I considered programming, or even security... but Computer science is very general and would open up the most doors for me, which is why I am seriously considering it.

My natal chart (I have attached it not for a natal reading, but just to give you a visual to go along with the answer to your question) my chart ruler is Mercury, and for my second, sixth, and tenth houses of career, work, and income/values, it's all air, with Gemini being on the MC. Something where I am thinking and using my mind, but also communicative. I like tech because it is the future. I also consider it as a type of communication (computer language), and it is the method that information is communicated globally via the internet! I have considered programming, but I am worried that programmers will be gone with the dust once AI evolves and can write code themselves... (who knows how long that will take though). I've considered communications or English, but I don't see a point in going to University to put myself into debt to come out making the same as what I am now. If I go that route, I would probably go to graduate school and take law or med school perhaps.

With all this air (Gemini, no less) it's hard for me to pick something
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