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Should I study THIS as my undergrad?

Question is: should I study computer science as my undergrad?

The ASC. is early, 1 degree. According to Lily, this usually means it's too early to tell. The ASC is Sag, so I am represented by Jupiter in Scorpio, in the 12th house. I am looking pretty weak, seeing as Jupiter is retrograde and in a cadent house.

Looking at the 9th house of Leo to represent my undergrad, the sun will represent the computer science undergrad. It is located in the angular 4th house of Pisces.

Since Jupiter is retrograde, it is moving backwards towards the sun, so they are in an applying trine with each other, which is positive.

If we are to take a look at the moon, it is currently conjunct Saturn (this can represent the current situation I am in. I have a lot of restrictions not allowing me to apply to this course, from academic restrictions, to general life restrictions as well). However, I am determined and am taking it one step at a time to accomplish my goal.

The moon will move away from Saturn, and come into a sextile with both Jupiter and the sun (this looks positive).

Any advice is much appreciated

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