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Re: Can you say quintiles...


I have a few quintiles and biquintiles in my chart... threaded before about them. ONe config stands out with Jupiter on my Gem asc b-quintiling both neptune and venus, which quintile eachother. I have have merc quintile pallas.

But I dont play music, I draw and paint and stuff like that.... all of which require that manual dexterity that has been mentioned.

Lots of people mention a spiritual dimension to quintiles.... not sure why... the 5th harmonic that has been largely ingored while the 4th and 6th are tres important?? Not sure.

I suppose I am still discovering what it means... and as there is little to go on.... I play in isolation with my own chart.... I do note more artistic activity when my jup ven nep triangle gets activated with transits......which is happening as we speak.

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