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Re: Can you say quintiles...

I can't but help think the strings are deep in his soul over lifetimes with that 12th House Mercury. BTW, has anyone ever noticed markers in a chart that indicate specific instruments. I've only found a Taurus connection to the voice and Neptune and Venus issues discussed astrologically. Any other ideas, thoughts or research?
No, but I would be extremely interested to learn about this. Perhaps we should collect the charts of forum members who play a musical instrument...?

I imagine this would be difficult to determine because some classical instruments have been around for a very long time, and their date of origin is unknown. Therefore, there really is no synastry chart to which one could compare one's natal chart.

I know I'm getting off-topic here, but I think I created a thread some months ago speculating upon possible planetary rulers for woodwind instruments and brass instruments. I obviously have a lot of Aries in my natal chart, but I think I was destined to be a woodwind player because my chart ruler Mars in located in Gemini--the sign that rules the fingers. Woodwind and string instruments in particular require extreme finger dexterity, especially when you get to the more difficult, advanced pieces.

You have to keep in mind that certain instruments are more popular than others, and people may inadvertently chose instruments that they are not physically well-suited for. For example, the trombone requires a certain arm length to reach the sixth and seventh positions, the bassoon requires one to stretch their fingers to press all the keys, the flute requires a strong lung capacity, etc.

I'm sorry for interrupting this thread; if Double Leo would prefer it, I will move the latter part of Soul Friend's post and my own post to another thread.

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