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Re: Can you say quintiles...

My Firstborn elder son, Derik, has an intriguing triangle of a 4th House Mars at 29 17' Taurus Quintile a 7th House Jupiter at 10 6' of Leo with both of those each Bi-Quintile a 12th House Mercury at 3 27' of Capricorn. Because of the talents or creative abilities sometimes attributed to Quintiles I found this 3 planet configuration interesting. I've considered that both the 3rd and 7th Houses are naturally ruled by Air signs and the 12th House by Neptune often relating to music. He has shown a cool talent with strings. After almost 2 months of formal guitar lessons he was requested by his guitar teacher to help those falling behind. Then he was the first to start a craze of getting Mandolin lessons. Immediately a total of 8 kids started after I suggested he trust me about his Italian Teacher probably knowing Mandolin, Dave Granati who played with Van Halen. Derik also picked up a Banjo and began learning it somewhat and after 15 minutes of observing a South American Artisan playing a Charango from Bolivia, he began playing it for a solid 20 minutes. He was hooked and bought one online and has already played it publicly at the Performing Arts School where he'll be a Senior this Fall. About a month ago I came home to see him sitting in front of the computer after with his acoustic guitar having tuned it to mock a Sitar playing a version of Indian sounding music he found via you tube.

I can't but help think the strings are deep in his soul over lifetimes with that 12th House Mercury. BTW, has anyone ever noticed markers in a chart that indicate specific instruments. I've only found a Taurus connection to the voice and Neptune and Venus issues discussed astrologically. Any other ideas, thoughts or research?
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