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Talking Can you say quintiles...

Thought i'd share my quintiles and bi-quintiles. Oh and by the way about the orbs this is the site i took the advise of.

Well going by this site i think i have anywhere between 8-10 of them.

Sun bi-quintile Neptune - 145.35
moon bi-quintile pluto - 145.39
mercury quintile midheaven - 71.17
ascendant quintile moon - 73.29
ascendant quintile pluto - 71.41
venus quintile saturn - 71.02
pallas quintile Fortune - 71.31
mercury quintile uranus - 142.36

then the two i am not sure about are mars quintile jupiter - 69.54,
and uranus bi-quintile midheaven - 146.07. but when i think of that site above i think they are legit. It made sense for some reason. Eh who knows. Theres all differences in opinion. Funny how none of them are exact though...

Then i also have like about 16 septiles, bi-septiles, triseptiles...about 14 noviles, bi-noviles, tri-noviles, about 7-8 deciles etc. Which most of them are exact this time! I don't want to post them all right now though. Hahah.

My chart is craaazzyy! gw&sday=9&smon=6&syr=2008&hsy=-1&zod=&orbp=&rs=0&ast=

All comments welcome!
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