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Re: Advice needed -Whats happened to his job?

Well, the Kite would be created by transit when T Sat is around 14 thru 16 Scorp (not when going back over Nept). But the only tough part of such influence would be T Sat's oppo to Jup (restriction on social integration?) while the rest of the influence would theoretically just make him work hard or feel focused about a life purpose upgrade.

I'm more worried about all the worrying he will do because of the above mentioned T Uran influence on his micro-T-square (and T Uran's associated frazzling of his Ven the first peak of which was in April from about 13.15 Aries). Bear in mind T Uran will make such a semi-octile transit to that config roughly every 5-ish years and so its not a uniquely negative period for him transit wise.

and puzzled, as are you, about his Grand Trine not representing a lucky life (though some grand trine people I know are just easy going, rather than lucky and, in fact, this GT's only personal planet -the Sun- has as its only other aspect(s) the mentioned micro-T-square (my temporary label and so not net searchable)).
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