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Re: Advice needed -Whats happened to his job?

What an exciting Grand Trine (Sun-Jup-Uran); and what symbolism for the Jup oppo Nept to almost Kite it (as if his smoothest past to success is through social integration via water related activities....

And how great (for "success") to have not only Sun 120 Jup but also Ven blessed by Jup and Sat (via a 72-144-72 triangle).


1. that "almost Kite" is being Kited these past months by T Sat coming and going over 14 thru 16 Scorp; and

2. his Sun tightly midpoint/apexes his Moon 45 Merc/Ven to make a micro-T-square type config (22.5-45-22.5) which T Uran has been "red" quadrangulating from 13 and 14 Aries.
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