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Re: Pluto transits grand trine

He is complaining of feeling drained and has been suffering considerably with a back injury he received years ago, he said it's worse now than ever
This would fit very well with transiting Neptune (modern ruler 6th)conjoining his secondary progressed Sun in Pisces, still in the 5th house.
In medical astrology the back/spine sees the influences of the Leo-Aquarius axis, with their rulers Sun-Uranus (modern) or Saturn (traditional). There is a psychosomatic correlation with the toning of one's backbone. S.P. Sun conjoined Saturn several years ago, which could account for the on-going painful condition. Saturn is very much 'cause breeds effect'.
Saturn, as Sun ruler, is unaspected in Pisces. This could suggest one who is a strong anchor that can weather any storm, OR one that feels and allows themselves to be tossed around by conditional circumstances that they feel unable to control, and/or accept and deal with.

I dislike rounded birth times which provide angles just in or out of a sign. A few minutes difference can present a completely different picture where rulerships are concerned and it's difficult to pin down their influence, especially through life's progression.
However, the heavy influence of the water houses and signs would not be particularly suggestive of an overtly 'outgoing' type.

I am already under the influence of transiting Pluto to my Moon. A situation from 'those in power' is already occuring that is beyond any personal control on my part because Moon represents responses to outer influence. In your friend's case, transiting Pluto is aspecting his well aspected Sun. He is being faced with and by the power of will. It depends upon whether he feels that overpowering circumstances are working against him; OR,
whether they are working FOR and IN him, through which he can put any difficult past situations behind him and 'start over'. If he has had to work through the strong squares in his chart and has been successful, he could experience a new lease of life dawning. In this case, the grand cross in the cardinal signs and houses can bring a turn around in personal circumstances of a positive and not negative nature, IF he is aware of it.

Good luck to him.
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