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The true meaning of a chart unfolding..

Dear All,

A few days back I cast a chart while remembering an ex and quite rightly the chart showed only a separating aspect between the significators.

But I was curious and a bit puzzled to see Jupiter exalted in Cancer in the first house and an impending applying conjunction between the moon (my significator) and Jupiter..I could not think of anyone with whom there was a probability of a meeting or connection, so kept wondering who was Jupiter had to be someone!

A couple of days post casting the chart, a friend with whom I have had only email connection so far contacted me and said he was going to be in town..this guy is a top photographer in the country today..he said he would be in town to shoot for a major local festival soon coming up. He always was very interested in shooting me as well and very vocally expressed that he would love to take my pictures..

Moon and Jupiter show an applying conjunction between them in 7 units of time..and if things turn out as per the plan so far, we'll be meeting for the first time in exactly 7 days from the date the chart was cast..

Incidentally, the chart is has the same ascendant as my natal chart. Transiting Jupiter in the 1st house in both charts and transiting Pluto close to the DC..

Also, would like to add the photographer and me are friends and are not romantically involved..I admire his work and he thinks I am good photographic material! Cheesy

So, would you agree, while I chart the cast with my ex on my mind, the chart was actually telling me about this new pleasant opportunity and the impending meeting between me and my photographer friend?

I would be really grateful for your inputs..Smiley It will help me to understand if I am on the right track in interpreting this chart..
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