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Re: Fitness instructor

(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

-querent = 1st house = Sagittarius = Jupiter
-career = 10th house = Virgo = Mercury
-teaching (fitness instructor) = 9th house (secondary quesited) = Leo = Sun
-Moon = querent co-significator
-Lucky Strike NN posits the querent's house (first house) = + testimony
-Sagittarius is an important "sports affinitive" sign: it is the querent's signifying sign = + testimony
-10th house significator Mercury flows toward both 9th house significator Sun and querent significator Jupiter = + testimony
-Jupiter is absorbed by the 9th house significator, the Sun ("combust"), thus querent is absorbed by the instructor (9th house) potential = + testimony
-all 3 significators are sign conjunct, with both 9th house significator Sun and 10th house significator Mercury, applying to querent significator Jupiter = + testimony
-co-significator Moon flows toward Mercury, Sun and Jupiter = + testimony
-Moon's only applying aspect is to 9th house significator, the Sun, and it is a positive applying aspect (a trine) = + testimony

All testimonies are +: answer to the question is yes, definitely so
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