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Re: Has he cheated?


I am curious what chart style Sugar is using?

Mercury rules your 5th house, and Jupiter rules his 5th house.

At the moment, Jupiter is in your 12th house, that's him hidden away from your view. Perhaps he is laying low for some reason. Moon, you applies to him by sextile with a very strong mutual reception. Moon applies to Mars first and Mars applies to Jupiter. Mars is a malefic and rules the 12th house and intercepted 6th sign. Perhaps he is hiding something from you.

Early ascendant and south node in the first house are not good indications that this chart is readable. I would advise re-casting the chart.

It is interesting that Venus is in exact trine to the North Node. Venus also applies to Sun. Mercury is also applying to Sun. Sun is in Jupiter terms, primary concern of himself. Venus gets to Sun first before Mercury, that to me looks like inteference. I am curious, is it someone at his work? Sun and Venus are not however in each others reception at all, so not sure how relevant that is. It could show a meeting that went nowhere. In fact, Venus is combust right now so pretty powerless to do anything. The powerful light of the Sun hides Venus from Mercury. Mercury is also combust, this shows the stress you were feeling at the time of this chart. Venus and Mercury are in Jupiter's triplicity. Jupiter is in Mercury terms, thinking of his child and you very fondly. Mercury and Jupiter in mutual reception by triplicity and terms, you do love each other.
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