Thread: Has he cheated?
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Re: Has he cheated?

Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
You are Mercury and the Moon, he is Jupiter and the Sun.

Mercury is Peregrine, Combust, applying to the Sun and Venus, Venus rules the 5th, so you you have a child with this man, yes?

Mercury is Retrograde and moving away from the Sun and Venus; You're planning on leaving him, yes?

Jupiter (him) applying to the Moon (you) and Mars. Moon and Jupiter aspect each other by Sextile with Perfect Reception. On the outside their is nothing wrong with your relationship.

Mars for you, rules the 6th sign and 11th, for him it rules the 5th and 12th. The 5th House is fun things; sex, restaurants, plays. The 12th House are secrets. Jupiter applies to Mars by Sextile, Jupiter Receives by Exaltation, but Mars does not; Mars hates Taurus. He tried to cheat, but he was unsuccessful.
Wow!! You're good!

Yes we have a child, yes I have considered leaving him..

Is it possible to tell when? Or anymore about the person?

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