Thread: Has he cheated?
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Has he cheated?


Just wondering if my boyfriend has cheated.... Sometimes I wonder...

Anyway. Mercury is (combust? Is that the right term?) The sun.. Could that mean that .. Well for one, he talks to all his ex's and hangs out with girls and parties with friends while I get accused of talking to guys even when I'm not.. And I've lost all my friends?? So.. That could mean he puts himself on a higher pedestal so to speak? (Controlling...........)

Well.. Other than that Mercury is unaspected. (And in the 4th house.. I've lost most childhood friends and now all I have is my immediate family)

Well the moon is in 11th........ Jupiter is in 12th. They are aspected (are they applying or seperated??) So I sort of feel like he has....... But I might just be biased.

What do you see?
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