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Re: Confused about astrology-2007 income

Transiting Neptune is Sextiled your Natal Neptune in your 2nd House of Material Concerns. I was looking for reinforcement to something I'd come up with, but the following link does a better job of it and satisfies my urge not to plagiarize

This is a well-known transit that every one of us here on Terra Firma get to enjoy in our own unique way. I'd add though, in reference to Neptune 2nd Aqua, there may be a tendency to be a little 'taken in' by easy money ideals during these times.

Venus is also transiting in your 2nd House Aquarius, so you might be in a creative mindset about this realm of things currently. I'm not familiar with sweepstakes? Do they fit these ideas?

Transit-Aspect-Natal (Currently in Natal 2nd House)

Sun Square Mercury
Sun Square Saturn
Mercury Square Mercury
Mercury Square Saturn
Venus Square Sun
Venus Opposite Moon
Neptune Square Sun (Orb >5)
Neptune Square Uranus (Orb >6)
Neptune Sextile Neptune
Neptune Trine Pluto
Neptune Opposite Moon (Orb >7)

The site linked below has general descriptions of transiting interpretations for these. Right side has the planet-to-transit links. It's not the only place to attain insight, but it's a start.

I know some of this doesn't change what you may already have come across though.
The outer planets will transit much slower than the inner, so their affects are felt for longer in relation to the house & sign they're in; at least, that's the gist.

So the Neptune transits will be affective longer than the Venus and so on. In short, the Neptune info you come across is likely to be a consideration for some time yet, but will be adjusted as the inner planets continue to 'make their rounds'.

It should just be a matter of looking up where the heavens will be 'aligned' in a predetermined amount of time from now and doing a comparison; but that could get tedious unless you designated round-a-bout areas of time to look into (like 1 week from now this day, or month, and so on).

What I posted is only 2nd House related perspective, which is close to your inquiry (directly anyway) about material/financial concerns.

And, of course, if I'm being 'tarded somebody please point, laugh and help out.
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