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Confused about astrology-2007 income

Can someone help me with this question. I did a solar chart on and According to these reports my fiances looks pretty good for January-Febuary. But there are other sites that states that I will have problems with finances this year. I'm confused because I'm getting mixed messages. Can someone help me figure out how my finances look for January-March 2007. Im looking for jobs and I've joined dozens of sweepstakes and is wondering if I have a chance of improving my income this way.

I was born on April 21, 1980 in Cincinnati, Ohio @8:59pm standard time. Thanks a bunch! oh and I live in Chicago now. More Info below

born on 21 April 1980 local time 8:59 pm in Cincinnati, OH (US) U.T. 01+59 84w27, 39n10 sid. time 10:21:20
Planetary positions
planet sign degree
motion Sun Taurus 205'51 in house 6 direct Moon Leo 136'34 in house 9 direct Mercury Aries 1124'16 in house 5 direct Venus Gemini 1642'42 in house 7 direct Mars Leo 2717'08 in house 9 direct Jupiter Virgo 016'10 in house 9 stationary (D) Saturn Virgo 2058'00 in house 10 retrograde Uranus Scorpio 2427'19 in house 1 retrograde Neptune Sagittarius 2227'43 in house 2 retrograde Pluto Libra 2003'52 in house 11 retrograde True Node Leo 2659'35 in house 9 retrograde
House positions (Placidus) Ascendant Scorpio 2207'14 2nd House Sagittarius 2222'26 3rd House Capricorn 2717'53 Imum Coeli Pisces 324'39 5th House Aries 512'00 6th House Taurus 055'59 Descendant Taurus 2207'14 8th House Gemini 2222'26 9th House Cancer 2717'53 Medium Coeli Virgo 324'39 11th House Libra 512'00 12th House Scorpio 055'59
Major aspects Sun Square Moon 029 Sun Trine Mars 449 Sun Trine Jupiter 150 Moon Trine Uranus 709 Mercury Sextile Venus 518 Venus Square Saturn 415 Venus Opposition Neptune 545 Venus Trine Pluto 321 Mars Conjunction Jupiter 259 Mars Square Uranus 250 Mars Trine Neptune 449 Mars Square Ascendant 510 Jupiter Square Uranus 549 Saturn Sextile Uranus 329 Saturn Square Neptune 130 Saturn Sextile Ascendant 109 Uranus Conjunction Ascendant 220 Neptune Sextile Pluto 224 Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).
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