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Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
It was not mistakenly. I meant the degree between Jupiter and Saturn. Usually I would say time is the transit conjunction in December or when Jupiter and Saturn turn direct. Even the degree between Moon to Jupiter would have make more sense. But here I insist on the degree between Jupiter and Saturn. Look what Sun does-actually translating the light from Jupiter to Saturn.
No its not kalinka..i dont know how else to explain it to you in astrological terms...i tried.sun(1st chart) has separated from jupiter and about to change in case he could transfer's jupiter's light to saturn that gives 2 not 4 units of time, what you could say though in the 2nd chart also is that saturn collects sun and moon, so whatever this saturn represents (in this case either the house of the querent or cat as natural sig , not almuten...**) brings sun (this man) and the moon (querent) together .even in the 2nd chart sun finds jupiter by contrantiscion , neither we have tol through antiscia , cause antiscia has no light to begin with, its a shadow and as such cannot transfer light....etc
and do we agree here that the cat is jupiter and the house of the querent is saturn or not? so why can't you understand when we simply say that jupiter aspects ic but not saturn?Or moon aspects jupiter? etc...
this is so obvious, so why do you desperately try to prove things that cannot be proved astrologically?

did you said 4 cause you count it the degree between Jupiter and Saturn? this is what i am telling you, we cant do this... BOTH PLANETS ARE MOVING BACKWARDS, SO SATURN(SLOWER PLANET) CANNOT REACH JUPITER .NEITHER JUPITER(LIGHTER PLANET) WHICH IS GOING BACKWARDS CAN REACH SATURN

we cant invent our own astrological terms or rules just to prove our point, every time we are wrong...obviously in every chart eventually every planet will aspect another, but we can't say sun tols jupiter to saturn , or jupiter will aspect saturn in aquarious in november-december lol..and if that was the case then the querent should have to wait till then to see his cat again

I am sorry i am not trying to offend you , but you are totally wrong.

I just had to say some things so other members here can understand.

Be well

*** about calculating time!!!!! What concerns us is not the distance the applying planet must travel to reach the position of the other planet as it is in the chart. What concerns us is the distance the applying planet must travel to perfect the aspect. For this, you will need to consult your ephemeris.

****about almuten since you mentioned above:

kalinka :Re:"in my opinion Saturn gave the time (not only the location where the cat is) in both charts because he's the Almuten. Jup/Saturn=4days.Moon/Saturn=2day"

almuten has nothing to do with such a question, we dont need to find an extra significator for the cat, we have already her accidental ruler jupiter and the natural one which is always saturn.if we needed an almuten of house 6th cusp then this is not saturn jupiter in both charts
in case you were speaking about 4th house, you dont need to find an almuten for house 4th , cause saturn is already the ruler of 4th house

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