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Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
Sure, there is always intution paired with what the chart is showing. I was seeing Saturn most important here. And I recently had a chart with a similar case, where only the actual degree between Saturn and Jupiter shows the time. This was also new for me.But well..there is more observation needed and actually doesn't match with the astrological rules I have learned. However in my opinion the time is always shown in every chart-we just don't be able to see it right away every time. But I'm not a psychic :-D and usually don't give time predictions when it's not asked,just when I'm sure in any manner.
anyway i am glad that we agree that what you said was more likely your intuition, or perhaps mistakenly jupiter-saturn numerical difference and accidentally we have a coincidence from the first chart.

Nevertheless if we want to speak about time in this chart (though was not specifically asked) then time is given from the 2nd chart, with more clarity, due to moon-jupiter aspect and all the rest that i've previously mentioned.And indeed in less than two days(from the 2nd chart) he found him.
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