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Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
I know what you are trying to explain repeatedly, which is absolutely right. Usally I would not calculate the time that way and also would not recommend someone to do that as I do it in this chart. Just sometimes there are charts, where the time jumps out obviously for me, that's why I mentioned the 4 units in this case.
Kallinka if you just said " 4 units " from intuition or because you thought that jupiter will aspect saturn in cap or aquarious (because it jumped out in front of you) I dont know.You know better obviously

But still this is an astrological forum and i have to explain that what you said: " in my opinion Saturn gave the time (not only the location where the cat is) in both charts because he's the Almuten. Jup/Saturn=4days" in astrological terms is not correct.Especially since there are members who may read this thread and not understand what is the astrological reasoning and whether there's a solid basis on what we say.

Now if this "4 units" as time, was based on your intuition or other techniques which have nothing to do with the chart and horary, i had no idea
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