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i know what you wrote kallinka and this is why i explained to you that it matters..cause we don't have the aspect and astrologically you cant say that.So we cant say jupiter as the lighter planet will aspect saturn in aquarious, the moment jupiter just previously turned retrograde in cap and also saturn is retrograde.But we can say that jupiter will aspect ic for example, or moon, or sun...or saturn as natural sig for the cat will aspect moon and so forth.
Anyway by no means i want to sound disrespectful, it happens to all from time to time, you thought that jupiter will aspect saturn in 4 something days,, neglecting their current retrogradation etc.we cant pass their retrogradation or their station even if they were (when an horary demands an aspect .... and lets say for example that jupiter was stationary and about to turn direct and find saturn...still we couldnt say that jupiter will aspect saturn as soon it changes sign) and say they will meet.Horary doesn't work that way and i respect the fact also that you basically practice vedic and not western traditional astrology, still these are basic rules

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