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Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
I also looked for both Saturn and Jupiter as cat.
I know and understand what you are talking about, actually we can't ignore their retrogradion, turning direction etc. but I was sure about the timer of 4 degrees. Otherwise I won't wrote it because it wasn't actually the question.
perhaps you wrote that simply calculating the distance between their current positions (about 4 something units) ,not knowing that they wont meet in cap.... still i explained to you that this cannot be done . Although in horary we deal with symbolic time we must have the aspect and this aspect (JUPITER-SATURN) wont take place in cap , but in aquarious (in real time i think around november 2020).But of course you can always check it also yourself in the ephemeriswhat we have instead in both charts is jupiter aspecting ic and asc, and moon, or saturn aspecting moon-sun..etc

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