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Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
in my opinion Saturn gave the time (not only the hint where the cat is) in both charts because he's the Almuten. Jup/Saturn=4days.Moon/Saturn=2days.
My dear kallinka read my comment above.jupiter wont aspect saturn in cap, but only in aquarious (they are both retrograde and we have to wait jupiter turn direct again, change sign...etc) technically this doesn't stand astrologically speaking, we cant pass their current retrogradation, station..etc and say that jupiter will aspect saturn, counting the distance between their current positions
However saturn either as the cusp of 4th (ic),or natural sig for a cat(not almuten) also tells us the same story (that he will return, we have the aspect also with moon, sun etc).
Still i will say once more that time "as when" was never specifically asked in these two charts (although the querent obviously he might have been thinking about this) and personally i prefer always to stick to the thing asked, otherwise i may conclude to false hypothetical assumptions which have no basis.i thought to mentioned though since there were positive testimonies in both charts and specifically the last one

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