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Originally Posted by Akeru View Post
Here is how the situation developed fortunately in favour of the cat Jay
Yesterday morning a neighbor said he saw the cat on his fence. I went and searched, called but nothing. In the evening suddenly in front of our house stopped the car of another neighbor (from Roma community) who said "I was driving and a cat crossed the road, I stopped and took the cat, please see if it is yours". And it was Jay! He was crossing the main road a few kilometres away from the village. I would never searched there! If it wasn't for this neighbor, Jay was not to be found ever.
So, now we are happy and I thank everyone for their input. I don't think such a development is shown in the chart...but it is exactly on the fourth day since his disappearance.
i am so glad you found him
No actually we can see that event especially in the second chart. Nevertheless the time was not asked as when and the chart is not obligated to tell us the exact time (you simply asked in the 1st chart if he will return and in the 2nd what happened to him), but still in the 2nd chart we could see when this could happen with more accuracy.I told you that sun-saturn(separating aspect) could be also a person (as a natural sig)(if you read my comments above) and as we see there's moon aspecting sun and jupiter. (sun aspects ic by contranticion,sun aspects jupiter by contrantiscion, moon aspects jupiter by contrantiscion and sun also).So this sun(man) came in your house(ic)in about 2 units more or less, while just previously have found the cat, moon finds sun also in less than 2 units and jupiter(cat) also, not to mention that cat in the second chart will aspect ic in 1, 07 unit (as cardinal and fixed, gives a medium time, 1 day something) .Moreover both charts were giving testimonies that the cat was nearby (jupiter in the 4th angular), as movable (hilly countryside) in cap( Fallow grounds,barren Fields Bushy and Thorny;..etc.) and also in the 2nd chart we have pof right on the asc, once more a testimony that the cat will return (aside her retrogradation, lack of aspects with death etc).
give Jay a big kiss

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