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Re: Lost cat

Originally Posted by Akeru View Post
Thank you so much for your reply, Aria Venue! It gives me hope!
I do feel agony because this cat is a rescue. He did not ask me to take him off the street. Even with a heart disease he used to pee a lot in my apartment and I was very angry with him. I used to threaten him with leaving him on some village. It actually came true...
He is not inside the house, for sure. He has been here before more than once.
Today I searched abandoned barns, houses in ruins and everything else in the surroundings. He simply vanished like a thin air.
If we look at the moon and she is exiled, it doesn't mean anything good, right?
I would rather have him die at peace instead of wandering around alone and starving.
Thank you again for replying!
you are welcome my dear
believe me i understand your agony but dont give up.
you asked about moon.well usually i dont use moon for lost people or animals unless of cource is their accidental sig. moon is your co-ruler and in the first chart we can see that you are in agony and stress as placed in the unfortunate 8th house (house of death). moon exalted could literally have the meaning the cat is somewhere high up, if we considered her moon, aside her house placement the 2nd chart moon is combust(cannot see or be seen, near a hot source perhaps either as a lamp or heater etc..) , peregrine-wanderer.Still i wouldnt follow that path, its a bit extreme to disregard her accidental sig Jupiter, or even her natural sig saturn.
Most of the times with lost animals when the planet is in the 4th , is in the house.So i insist...perhaps you cant see her..mayby she's in a dark corner at the aforementioned places.Check again .i wish i could help you more, but i dont know the house and its rooms.check also the directions i gave you, either inside or outside.and since in the 2nd chart also sun opposes jupiter by antiscion look for a heater close by, across, or mayby it's just a testimony that is hidden behind a source of heat or light.
i hope you'll find her soon

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