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Will I get a new, higher paying job this year?

I was furloughed from my current job and they have told me to standby. I enjoy my job, but was wondering if there would be any potential opportunities for me, despite the pandemic.

My significator is Saturn while my 10th house ruler is Mars. Saturn and Mars are not aspecting, but Mars is in my 1st house. I read this as a “possibly”.

I also checked my natal chart just got a little more. I currently have the Sun, Moon, and Uranus in my 10th house. Jupiter is in my 6th, along with Saturn and Pluto. Makes sense. Getting through the pandemic is a priority.

I'd say, that the Pandemic will be a bit of an uphill battle for everyone professionally. The economy is at a standstill so of course hiring anyone at this moment is at a standstill too.

I have a chance, but the pandemic can change the tide for anyone...

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