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Should I accept this new role?

Hi all,

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this challenging time.

I wanted to raise this question as I am completely confused and don't really have anyone to discuss this with at the moment.

About 1.5 years ago, I left a job I thoroughly enjoyed in corporate banking, where I was appreciated by senior management, but not so much by my middle-management manager and the pay was quite low. I moved into a role within a Big4 which turned into being the worst job I have ever had. It is pretty much a call-center/IT support role which does not align with my banking & legal background at all.

This morning, we had a call with our manager who said: "we don't expect anyone to have a legal knowledge as we didn't hire you guys with a legal degree in your back-pocket". That's pretty much the nail in the coffin. I have a dual legal qualification and working with people who barely have a high-school degree (nothing against them personally) and I quite frankly, took this comment as an offense as this manager clearly doesn't know who they hired.

Anyway. I was recently offered a role in banking (which I've been wanting to go back into), but it seems the role is slightly junior than my current role (no corporate title) though the salary is higher and it will provide me with a great knowledge of the regulatory landscape. I will probably gain expertise I will be able to leverage on in the job market, but again, it is a more junior title than the one I should have after 5/6 years experience.

Is it worth moving down to move back up?

Should I thus accept this role or will a better role come along (hard to believe in these times)?

Thank you.
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