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Re: Will I speak to him during this Venus retrograde?

Originally Posted by ameliaastrology View Post

Most horary charts don't just give a yes/no answer but describe the situation instead. So main significators not in aspect does not necessarily mean you'll never even speak again.

Moon is applying to a close sextile with the Ascendant. It "sees" the ascendant. In traditional term, he's not averse to you.

Sun, his co-sig (which rules a sign intercepted in his house, further evidence that Sun is his co-sig), is already in-orb for a trine with Saturn. It has only to change sign.

The Mars and Jupiter that could prevent the aspect are in your house. Mars is close to Cusp 2 your self-esteem. So it looks like it depends on you whether to talk or not, or whether pride stands in the way, perhaps?

I've seen a chart with a Sun/Venus square - with no reception - and separating main significators. Unfortunate house placements and little dignity into the bargain. You'd think they won't even talk again. And it's true that the pair still haven't rekindled their romance as of this moment. But since the chart was cast, they have hung out and patched things up and eventually become very good friends.

Unless something renders your relationship very bitter, the required positive sign for getting on speaking terms is not such a big one. I think if you make the effort, yes, you can speak.

The lack of major aspect probably says no solid relationship will come of it, though.

Thank you Amelia for such a thorough response, I'm so grateful. You're right, we didn't end things on a good note but there are probably are some lingering feelings on my side.

Pride probably is the reason why I wouldn't reach out to him though, correct. My thinking is that if he cared enough, the onus is on him to be the one to make amends, as I was the one who was hurt when things ended. It's annoying when someone doesn't even care about the friendship, let alone the romance.
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