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What's he feeling?

Querent had slowly been getting to know a guy romantically before lockdown. Things were going well between them, but since lockdown occurred, she's started to feel a bit bored with him and feels like she wants to get to know other people instead. She's been feeling bad about it however, so cast a chart to see what his feelings are towards her.

I think the chart's quite clear in showing her own feelings - L1 in her own sign, approaching her own house, conjunct Jupiter (the desire to want to know other people). Moon in detriment, in her 12th house perhaps highlighting her boredom with the relationship. Saturn is also in the detriment of the Sun - does this highlight her rejection of him?

I'm a bit unsure of how to interpret from his perspective though - now I know there's no aspect between the two of them, but I don't know what to make of Sun being on her 3rd/his 9th house cusp. Is Venus the co-sig for the querent here? Because he clearly loves whatever Venus is instead (Sun in Taurus), but Venus is ruling his 2nd and 9th house. Perhaps romance isn't even on his mind at all?

Many thanks as always for your insights.
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