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Re: Should I accept this offer?

Originally Posted by Cassiopeia View Post
They offered me less than I asked for. But even like that, it's a bit more than the current salary...
Cassiopeia Job=l10= a strong dignified saturn.
Usually in such type of question, someone would expect to find the querent in the next Job's dignities , while in his current job debilities...meaning if i see this job as l11 jupiter and your current job as saturn i would have said don't take it cause jupiter in his fall...etc.However since both your sigs are in saturn's domicile this tells me that your question isn't "should i leave my current job and accept the new offer?" but whether this job-offer is good.* i am mentioning this since it seems though to compare the two jobs and having a dillema..though i am not sure abd this is why i make this distiction
So this job is good (an essentially dignified saturn though under the beams and succedent), however, the salary is not good as Jupiter in his fall, while moon your co-ruler though basically in Jupiter's fall still in his term..exactly as you's not what you wanted-expected but at least it's not that bad for you.Saturn as Job doesn't harm mercury but in moon's detriment , while moon in this chart also your pocket.So frankly i dont know whether this job can actually help you financially speaking and for sure in such a question the chart cannot take decisions for you, but if you like it as it seems, then you could take it..unless of course your question was "should i leave my current job and take the new offer"..then i would say no (jupiter in his fall, moon will find saturn...etc)
So you have to think now what exactly you were thinking the moment you asked the actual question: "is this a good job? shall i take it?" or "should i leave my current job and take this new one?"
i hope this helps a bit.
*asc on bellatrix, the The female warrior not tight enough though

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