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Re: My home and property are destroyed :(

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
So sorry that this happened to you.

I actually think this chart looks favorable to you. Your belongings are a 2nd house matter, ruled by Jupiter. Insurance is an 8th house matter, ruled by Mercury. Mercury applies to a conjunction with Jupiter. The moon is in a sextile relationship with Saturn in the 2nd. (Just a hair past, but I'll bet this question occurred to you earlier.)

Just a word about insurance companies if you've not filed a previous claim. Many will try to stonewall you; including over really surprising, crummy things. When my husband and I filed an insurance claim for an RV wrecked in a traffic accident, it took months to sort out everything. I felt like I'd been traumatized twice: once by the accident, and second by haggling with the insurance company to pay our due. Finally they paid up and we were able to replace the RV--5 months after the accident.

So just be persistent. Be cool and collected: don't insult anybody. Keep a written record of your communications, ideally via email so you have a written recrod. Hopefully you've got some before & after pictures; but even if not, just keep at it.

Please let us know how it turns out.
thanks waybread for the encouraging words )) im glad that you got the money even if it's late as it happens sometimes. ill be vigilant with my claim. ive taken pictures fairly quickly just in case. Im glad to hear that the chart looks favorable, so I guess that sun in 2nd should not weaken jupiter right? i heard when a planet in question is conjunct the sun then it's a bad thing. In this chart only that what worried me which is why I didnt say the chart looks good despite the conjunctions of mercury and jupiter.

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