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Re: My home and property are destroyed :(

So sorry that this happened to you.

I actually think this chart looks favorable to you. Your belongings are a 2nd house matter, ruled by Jupiter. Insurance is an 8th house matter, ruled by Mercury. Mercury applies to a conjunction with Jupiter. The moon is in a sextile relationship with Saturn in the 2nd. (Just a hair past, but I'll bet this question occurred to you earlier.)

Just a word about insurance companies if you've not filed a previous claim. Many will try to stonewall you; including over really surprising, crummy things. When my husband and I filed an insurance claim for an RV wrecked in a traffic accident, it took months to sort out everything. I felt like I'd been traumatized twice: once by the accident, and second by haggling with the insurance company to pay our due. Finally they paid up and we were able to replace the RV--5 months after the accident.

So just be persistent. Be cool and collected: don't insult anybody. Keep a written record of your communications, ideally via email so you have a written recrod. Hopefully you've got some before & after pictures; but even if not, just keep at it.

Please let us know how it turns out.
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