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My home and property are destroyed :(

hi...i had a flood problem at my (water damage) house and tons of things have been destroyed..been dealing with this issue now and warned my insurance already. i need to report property damage and it's a lot especially tons of my expensive shoes and furniture have been damages. the dwelling of my house has been affected too so i need to start renovations and i was wondering if i will be getting my full policy limit in terms of being compensated financially for this loss especially for my property damage because i lost lots of stuff as dwelling policy is high so my renovation wont reach that much but my personal property for the shoes and furniture is above the limit so i was wondering if I will be well compensated for this damage?

Im mars in my 1st house in my own sign so im strong, my 4th house is jupiter/neptune, neptune is in my 4th house strong in its own sign, jupiter as co-ruler is in saturn and in my 2nd house of money, so my home is in my 2nd house which makes ssense as im lookign to get the right compensation fom my stuff, my 2nd house of money is jupiter too, in my 2nd house. Insurance is the 8th house right? So that's mercury, which is going to conjunct my 2nd house ruler and my 4th house rulers. I also have moon in my 4th house as where my concentration is. This chart seems to make sense from the point of where every planet thats related to the situation is distributed. Now the aspectsk i dont know if jupiter near sun is bad but isn't this cazimi or am I wrong? I've got lots of stellium in my 2nd house of money! Moon will trine me soon so thats good, insurance 8th house will conjunct my 2nd house and 4th house rulers which is also good, but then jupiter is near sun, so not sure what to make of this. Anyone please? Would you say that ill be getting my policy limit compensated well for the damages to my home and personal property especially?
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