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Re: Need your help with current transits

Hi bgb - so... lots going on in your chart (I guestimated where you were born but it appears to not be the capital so the AC is a bit off by a degree - but the rest should be about right.)

Is there anything you are looking for in particular? Otherwise I'll just go over some of the things I see.

There are indeed opportunities coming but also some very challenging stuff and some of it overlaps in time more or less. (In the chart I've attached the green planets are your secondary progressions and the red are the transit planet placements.)

First up we have Jupiter sextile progressed Venus which happens around the first to second week of December - since prog. Venus is in your 6th this could be a time of improving health if that is needed or some increased income through work as you have Libra on the 2nd house.

Jupiter will later conjunct your Moon-Venus in 2020, say around March and then later in the autumn of that year and as these are in your 5th it could be a time of romance or otherwise just happy and positive - once again opportunities are implied financially or otherwise but also chances to restore relations if you have had problems with family or otherwise in the recent past. Jupiter sextiles natal Sun around Christmas this year so it is a time of increased optimism and a chance to get charged up for the next year if you've needed a boost of confidence.

The progressions themselves are really interesting - so I see you have prog. Moon applying to conjunct prog. Sun thus you are ready to embark on a new way of life in some way or are feeling that a phase is closing as if you are now ready for something new with a feeling of expectancy as the aspect exacts over the next 6 weeks or so - literally 2020 is a new year in a big way for you. But because it's in your 8th house I can't speculate on whether this is experienced as something positive or because you are having to deal with some life-transforming circumstances. The prog. Moon did go over your progressed Jupiter just a month ago, however, so it seems this would have been a mostly positive time with plenty of support if you needed it.

As far as challenges there are quite a few - for one you have Uranus on your Mars so there is a strong desire to just up and go and do something without much consideration, just because you want to or you are feeling very restless at this time. Definitely use the energy to get work done but recommend thinking twice before actually jumping into anything - the 9th house connection there may give you opportunities for travel, however.

Then we have Chiron currently retrograde but having recently conjoined your progressed Moon (some emotional pain in the last few months or rather ... 4-5 months ago?) and about to go forward and hit your progressed Sun in the summer of next year - there are going to be some problem themes from the past getting dug up and reintroduced into your life for review and it could be a heavy and painful time. However with Chiron you also get the opportunity to heal anything outstanding that you haven't addressed so far.

The other thing that stands out is Saturn-Pluto (which conjunct on your Venus in January) with Saturn about to hit your Moon in December - it would be a time when emotional and other support may be lacking and you might have to go it alone for a bit until it moves on and then hitting Venus along with Pluto. This second one I am not so sure about but there are major changes coming to your relationships and one will either start or end if you are already involved - either way in this area things look significantly different past January after both of these planets go over Venus.

One final transit of note is Neptune square Chiron with the latter falling in your 10th house - there can be some very demoralizing circumstances at work which make you wonder whether you are in the right place or perhaps what's going on - Neptune is just finishing its stay in 16 Pisces though in January so whatever has been dragging on with this would be finished by February and then you won't have this problem anymore.

Any of this seem relevant to you?
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