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Re: Where is my lost ID badge?


You may find the item I think. Item is in 8th on libra indicates places of high elevation or locations with an open view: the upper part of rooms or places near the top of the house. near windows or sources of light. Outside they indicate locations high from the ground, or higher than the ordinary ground; the highest hill or hanging somewhere - or west.

Direction: west or west by north
Timing: -1units (within a week or a month)
Person who would find ur lost item: your co-worker or someone relates to your 6th house 3 days from.the day you have draw this chart. A female probably.

Item location: Chests, high places, panelled rooms, offices and near office or communication equipment. Areas where games are played, Windmills, barns, where wood is cut. The upper rooms in houses, chambers, little houses and closets.

Clues to find item: search in west or west by north - it's hanging somewhere (blue or purple), near communication equipments or higher part of the room.

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