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Re: Sun in Essential Detriment in Tropical Aquarius

I have an interesting situation - I'm an Aquarius sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune with Aquarius ruling the 8th house. Pretty safe to say that my life has been... Different.

I notice the detriment sometimes, but more often I'm aware that 8th house aspects are more prevalent in my life. For example, sometimes I'll see a Leo who is obviously very Leo and I'll be reminded that my sense of self isn't fully developed yet. But, as soon as I leave their presence, I'm reminded that I have Mercurian, Uranian, and Neptuniun things to do like research the Nag Hammadi library, enlighten into the sign of Pisces, simply or be an eccentric Uranian Aquarius.

It's interesting because I feel my consciousness moving forward into the next sign (Pisces) but I also feel like I have Aquarian parts of me that will never go away, and so that's a kind of tug-of-war I experience inside of myself, one that I argue is more prevalent than the Sun detriment in Aquarius. At least for me ;p.
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