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Jupiter return 2019-2020

I'm having my Jupiter return as Jupiter transits to Sagittarius in 8th in November 2019. My natal Jupiter in 8th is at 19deg and getting 3rd aspect from exalted Saturn in libra. Natal Jupiter is aspecting 12th aries with Mercury and sun sitting in it. I got no planets in 2nd or 4th but as I said both sun and Mercury are sitting together in Aries and Jupiter IS aspecting them. (Side notes: Venus is in 11th Pisces, the second house owned by Jup in my chart, and I have rahu/ketu on 1/7 axis AND I'm running sat/sat dasha) With this info...can someone help me understand how this Jupiter transits will play out in the next 13months?

I get so confused because since I'm a taurus, Jupiter isn't my best friend and my jup dasha def did a 180 on me...I'm a total different person from when it started to when it ended. I am super grateful for all the lessons I learned because the universe, though harshly, has taught me a lot and I almost feel a bit liberated from my life long illusions. I was always grounded but I have become much more Zen. I would not change a second of my past cuz of where I am internally with myself and the world.

To better understand my chart I want to know how this transit will play out. Which houses will activate, which aspects should I anticipate results from, what will be my focus, how will the presence of Saturn ketu be, what will the Dec 26 multi planet conjunction do, will Jup help or negate?
I'm super career focused so what will happen in regards to that? I'm in the tourism tech industry.

I have read so many predictions but no idea what to apply to my chart. Believe it or not Astro has immensely helped me understand myself and as you can see my interest is also indicated by transit AND jup in 8th naturally I am here.

Thank you all so so much for reading this far and helping me!
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