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Re: My daughter's Chiron placement is freaking me out

Lots of great feedback /advice above..I hope it will extinguish your fears.


Re "sexual abuse", I want to caution you about what is happening in schools today, and it is very rapidly getting WAY worse..


Under the pretence of "educating", (many parents have no idea, because they never think to ask, nor do their kids usually talk about it)..
- Kids are being "taught" : different sexual techniques, including sodomy (dangerous & extremely unhealthy), pornography, how to masturbate, etc etc
PLUS they are being told that there's no such thing as gender (!!!) and that they can choose what gender they want, they are encouraged to engage in same sex liasons...etc.
- Moreover, this is now being, or going to be "taught" from 4yrs of age (ie at Pre-school")!

Another way to look at it :
Say your child got befriended by a "friendly" respectable looking neighbour down the road, and started spending time visiting there, and you had no idea that this "friendly"neighbour was all the while teaching your child how to masturbate, showing your child pornographic pictures, explaining different sexual techniques etc
This would be called "sexual grooming" and "sexual abuse" and it would make any normal parent feel SICK and OUTRAGED!

In actual truth , there is NO difference between the above, and what schools are doing to kids today. It's SICK!

In other words, you cannot even trust schools!

If I were you, I'd seriously plan to homeschool !

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