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Re: My daughter's Chiron placement is freaking me out

i agree no one should scare anyone. It gives astrology a bad name.

I think people are just giving their experiences with it and maybe feeling like they could help someone. This is what chiron is about. Overcoming the pain by helping others.

You are a good mother and as a good mother will look out for their children as you are now. Jut continue doing that and being aware and alert like all mothers. I cant and wont tell you how to be a mum you know that more than others. You just need to not trust others around her as a child. But understand this is what all mothers should do. Not trust people around their child.

Now i might have others say well you cant say that but yes i can say it as its a child we are talking about and with every child's welfare the number one priority is cautious around others.

Now im not here to scare but to say if your worried it could mean this or that then the best thing you can do is be cautious. You cant change a chart.
And anyway chiron may not mean anything that they say it means.
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