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Re: My daughter's Chiron placement is freaking me out

Hi worried mummy,
Everything written by Waybread has been acknowledged (so far) by katydid and myself.
You could think of us as the three grandmas, old crones, fairy godmothers, or 'witches' 'huddled around a cauldron made by a factory called 'astrology', weaving our magic spells through the thoughts and words that come from an accumulative astro. knowledge that probably exceeds more than 100 years. Hopefully that will count for something more than those articles written by 'sensationalist' astrologers who think to be telling a truth based so often upon negative personal experiences that become 'the norm', rather than astro. research that provides a wider picture.

I would make one suggestion to you to do now, based upon the horoscope recipe chart of your daughter.
Read up on the effects of a Moon trine Neptune and Moon opposite Pluto ingredients from a good astrology site, which will explain the effect of the mother role and her behaviour upon a child in its growing years. This can have a very strong influence upon a child's own behaviour pattern in those same informative growing years.
Follow by looking up and adding the ingredients of a Sun in Aquarius trine Jupiter and sextile Uranus (modern ruler Aquarius!) in Aries.
You might add Sun on the midpoint of Chiron-Pluto as a spicy personal ingredient that adds extra flavour to the whole dish.
THEN stir well

You could try comparing her recipe chart with your own to see how they interact together. Do they present a sweet or sour combination dish, or is the mixture just too different to combine ?

Moon-Pluto can read to refer to 'a precocious child' that rules the roost with its overpowering tantrums. I have four of seven grandchildren with such aspects, three of which would seem to prove the point (one is a Sun in Aquarius!). Yet the answer (Pluto!) would seem to lie in the effect of circumstances in their upbringing from which they (still) struggled to break free once their own wills began to bubble, form, and take effect. Do you know who has always had the least issues? Sun in Aquarius because it always did its own thing, even as a child. It wasn't rebellious, just very self-minded (Mercury in Aquarius!).

Aquarian Suns are individualists (hé Waybread?). They can't be 'moulded' into a conventional pattern. Your daughter is NOT you. She is 'a child of her time'. Chiron's position could well be the making of her.
It may be the wisest lesson the cauldron pot can teach you.
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