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Re: My daughter's Chiron placement is freaking me out

Deja, what in heaven's name are you reading???? Yes, there is such a thing as the Dr. Doom School of Astrological Misery, but I think it is a huge misuse of astrology. If your readings are paper books or articles, maybe you would enjoy tossing them all into a ceremonial burning. Maybe your mom could bring the hot cocoa.

I feel really annoyed at astrologers who try to scare the bejeezus out of people, when oftentimes they're not even doing good astrology. (Sorry for the rant.)

It may help to break down the components of Chiron in the 8th in Pisces.

Chiron: "where it hurts" but also where, if we stay open to those hurts, we gain enormously in wisdom and compassion for other people. Note that Chiron in Greek mythology was a centaur who tutored gods and heroes, being especially proficient in the healing arts. Your daughter may develop the gift of healing the emotional wounds of other people, with her Chiron in compassionate Pisces.

8th house. Each house has multiple meanings. The 8th traditionally was the house of death. It ruled the sexual and eliminative organs, hence the notion that it is about sexuality (which is usually more of a 5th house matter.) It also rules money or assets that we share with other people in some way, such as investments and life insurance. It rules a spouse's or partners money (2nd house from the 7th.) In modern astrology the 8th has an association with "occult" matters, meaning probing life's mysteries in a more spiritual manner.

So everybody dies. Since ancient times astrologers have known that we cannot read death transparently off the 8th house. The 8th would be a great placement for a hospice care worker, an investment banker, an insurance broker, a highly spiritual person, or a gynecologist.

Aspects: Generally squares and oppositions indicate difficulties. Sextiles and trines indicate an easy flow. The disposition of conjunctions depends upon the involved planets. Simply having Chiron in the 8th means nothing: you'd want to see how it relates to the rest of the chart.

Your daughter's Chiron actually makes few major aspects, just a sextile with Pluto. That's to the good.

Yes, some people with Chiron in the 8th can have bad experiences, but everyone has Chiron somewhere. We all learn from life's hard knocks in some area of our lives; and some Chirons are better placed than others.

Pisces: A sign shows how or in what manner a planet operates. Pisces is the mutable water sign, suggesting that Chiron will function in a way that is more adaptable (mutable) and emotional or spiritual (water.)

Generally, I think your daughter has a strong chart, with 3 domiciled planets (in the sign they rule.) Neptune, the moon, and Mars. These will be big assets when she decides what she wants to do with her life. With Leo rising, her smile will probably light up the room. With her Cancer moon, she will probably be a deeply caring person. With her Aquarian sun sextile Uranus, I would count on an original, independent streak.

A big rule of astrology is that the stars impel, but they do not compel. Nowhere is it written in the heavens that your daughter will experience the horrible things you mention.

I hope this eases up your fears for your beautiful little angel.
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