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Re: My daughter's Chiron placement is freaking me out

Originally Posted by dejathecreator View Post
Hi All,
So I have been studying their birth charts since they were born. I recently have gotten into house placements and 2 y.o. has a house placement that I am quite scared of. Her natal Chiron is in Pisces & is placed in the 8th house. I've read everything I could on it and it all seems horrible. I've read about experiencing early death and also sexual abuse. Any mom would be freaking out after reading this. I don't know what to do with this and regret ever reading up on her Chiron. I am still learning and studying astrology in depth and I don't yet have a full understanding how much Chiron affects one outside of creating the wound that will need to be healed. Can someone help me understand this? I now feel like I will have to be overprotective and super cautious. I can't prevent anyone from dying but it kills me to know my child will experience these horrific events. Please help a freaked out mom that maybe should have never read her child's birth chart
It doesn't necessarily mean sexual abuse. It will play out differently for everyone. Obviously, you always want to be careful with your children, because you can never be too sure who to trust -- but that is regardless of their natal placements. Chiron in 8th may just mean she will struggle to spiritually connect or open up in sex, it can mean she has a fear of death and takes such matters very hard, it can mean she will struggle with debt or inheritance in some way, it can mean she will feel power struggles a lot, etc. Those are just off the top of my head, but my point is it doesn't necessarily mean sexual abuse.
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