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Re: Musicians/Songs that exemplify Signs/Planets/Aspects, whatev.

Originally Posted by fifteen View Post
Kurt Cobain was such a prototype piscean... can't get more watery sensitive than that??? When I think about pisceans, I think: Kurt Cobain.
When I was a teenager, I would listen to : on repeat. It's pisces as it's most young and raw.

No suprise, Stellium in Pisces opp his ASC. Eek.

Originally Posted by fifteen View Post
When I think about Aries, I think: Vincent van Gogh. If you look at his paintings, these flaming energetic brush strokes as if his paintings were on fire, the power and intensity, I think: Yeah, that's prototype Aries.
The colour....I still remember the first time I saw one of his paintings up close. I couldn't believe the colours he used. So bright, so alive. So very Aries You are right! And he was an Aries... it would've been so great to have met him.

His chart is so interesting...

I have Merc/Mars conj in Aries.

So for me, this song resonates with it

Pharrell Williams is an Aries after all... :P
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