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Re: Musicians/Songs that exemplify Signs/Planets/Aspects, whatev.

Originally Posted by midspringwind View Post
So, I'm mostly starting this thread because I want to just share how much of a Scorpio/Plutonian Chelsea Wolfe is ~ born November 14th, Sun in Scorpio. I haven't looked at the rest of her natal chart, but it's amazing to me how much she resembles this archetype. And I love her music.

If you're curious to see what I mean, check this out

But overall, I see this as a fun idea for a thread, so please share musicians or songs that you think suit a certain astrological-something-or-other.
That music is so powerful. It actually made me say out loud "That's so scary!" but I listened to the whole thing. I have Mars (Aries) opp Pluto (Libra), trine my Asc and the best song I can think of that 100% fits that is: This song (WARNING: Explicit Lyrics)
The quiet menace of Pluto, and the bursting energy of Mars is very clear to me. Maynard (the songwriter) he has Aries opposing Scorpio energy (Mars Vs Neptune) so it's close!

See, not as scary as pure Plutonian Scorpio...but still deep. Amazing energy!
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