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Smile Re: Why am I so anxious, and find it difficult to communicate?

Transits in your chart can account for your increased sense of anxiety at this time;
Uranus transit the Sun changes of Identity and sense of self;
Pluto to the square Sun transformation and regeneration
Saturn is moving to an important transitional point in about a year, that gives cause for much anxiety as well;
During this phase individuals are needing to look back on the experiences of the past in order to recreate new structures of stability and security; it can be a serious time of letting go of the past and seeing the self in a new way.
In the shorter term, Mars is wrapping up it's personal 2 year cycle for you, also a time of taking stock of the path you are currently on. That's a lot of negative energy working on you.

We note that natal Uranus / Saturn were trine your Sun, showing the promise of positive changes in your life. What is involved in that is the ability to develop your independence and autonomy, without having to rely on others for validation and support.
On the down side, Pluto was square the Moon suggesting that you carry over many shadows from the past, especially in terms of your parents conditioning, perhaps involving abuse or domination leaving you with a sense of self-doubt and dis-empowerment as an individual, which has now come home to rest.
Neptune was also square the Sun denoting confusion and insecurity relating to your sense of Identity.
The stellium in the 3rd relates to problems in communications, reinforced by afflictions of Mercury.

It is these negative planetary interactions that create difficulty and challenge in your life and these must be resolved through the process of self-awareness and adaptability, by looking within to find the original causes of the mind-sets that trouble you.
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